The Copywriter knows how to handle the subtleties of language, turn ideas into powerful messages, and create campaigns that resonate. By combining their creativity and talent for words with the vision of their creative team, the Copywriter creates worlds that are unique to the brands they represent, ensuring success and memorability in a competitive market. Join the team!
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  • Bachelor’s degree in communication, copywriting, or any other related field OR a certificate in advertising design

  • Minimum of 3 years of experience


  • Design integrated advertising campaigns

  • Ensure messages are consistent across various platforms

  • Design names or signatures for new brand images

  • Be familiar with copywriting for the web

  • Create texts, headings, and subheadings for printed material

  • Create scenarios for video projects

  • Draft messages for radio and content for social media

  • Work in synergy with the creative team and director-advisors

  • Clearly and convincingly present concepts to clients

  • Be able to work under pressure, with tight deadlines, and manage multiple projects simultaneously

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