02 September 2022

Project manager

Multitask, adjective: “allows to perform, in an apparent simultaneous way, several actions at the same time. This function is independent of the number of processors physically present in the employee.” Ah, those people who know how to manage 15 drawers at a time, consult with a client, guide a team of creatives, keep a production budget together and be a bridge between everyone involved. Do you often confront stress and come out the winner? Call an Uber right away and bring us your résumé.

Required Qualifications / Skills

  • 1 to 3 years of experience;
  • Salary to be discussed according to experience;
  • Status: Full-time, Temporary (one-year replacement for maternity leave)
  • Coordinate communications, marketing and web projects related to clients assigned to you;
  • Maintain production standards and schedules;
  • Manage bridge between the agency team and the client for the implementation of various integrated advertising campaigns;
  • Develop strategies, prepare service offers and negotiate with supplier;
  • Ability to work under pressure, within tight deadlines and manage multiple projects simultaneously.

Complementary Skills

  • Talent for business development.

Location: Québec City, QC.

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