Perspective Nunavik
Perspective Nunavik


The Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services (NRBHSS) organizes health and social services programs in its region. It also assesses their effectiveness within communities.

Perspective Nunavik
Perspective Nunavik


Imédia’s mandate was to optimize the recruitment of personnel in this region in Northern Québec. Produced in three languages, this campaign focused on the creation of a distinct brand. In order to attract workers, an argument was presented to them with two main themes: life experience and working conditions. This campaign was recognized at the Grafika 2014 awards ceremony.

Perspective Nunavik
Perspective Nunavik


Concours Grafika 2014

Catégorie – Pièce promotionnelle
Projet – Perspective Nunavik



Marketing strategy

Brand image

Printed material

Material for job fairs

Web video clips

Bilingual provincial TV commercials

Social networks

Digital campaigns



Targeted magazine placement

Positioning slogan

Advertising design

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