04 January 2021

Graphic designer

We like to work with inspired creators, people who know how to adapt to the style of the project they are working on. People who get on the nerves of those around them because they are too perfectionist. What we are looking for are versatile graphic designers who are passionate about trends from both here and elsewhere. We promote the mixing of genres and teamwork: we don’t know what cubicles are. If you know how to give a brand personality with paper, pencils and the Adobe suite, we need to talk.

Required Qualifications / Skills

  • At least 3 years of experience;
  • Salary to be discussed according to experience;
  • Status: Part-time or Full-time;
  • Print graphic design ;
  • Design of website interfaces and other web applications;
  • Artistic direction;
  • Advertising design.

Interested in joining us?